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Bespoke Tibetan Carpets

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Bespoke Tibetan Carpets makes the finest quality hand-made Tibetan carpets that specifically meets client requirements in the most efficient and sustainable manner, and at best value.

They specialize in making custom carpets. Whether it is a simple change in size or color, or a more detailed change such as modifying an existing design or creating a new design, Bespoke Tibetan Carpets can make the process much easier than you may have imagined.

Bespoke Tibetan Carpets works with clients in most major global markets including Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Their creations are inspired by global trends in design, fashion and art, however, we weave carpets that are unique and relevant to local taste.


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Headquartered in Vienna/Austria, VARTIAN – THE CARPET COMPANY is one of the trend-setting international manufacturers of contemporary hand-woven carpets. Since its foundation in 1922, the family-run company has been continually dedicated to the challenge of providing the traditional craft of carpet weaving with a modern production environment. Carpets of singular complexity in colour and workmanship are created from a combination of established carpet weaving techniques and contemporary designs.

For hand-woven carpets from Nepal the collections are state of the art – made by people for people. Dedication and the commitment to uncompromising quality in design, material and workmanship result in one-of-a-kind carpets. Arman J. Vartian views every challenge as an opportunity to introduce his ideas. He is one of those for whom the hand-woven carpet is more than just a profession – it is art.


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SAMAD is a leading producer and importer of fine handmade decorative rugs, catering exclusively to high-end retailers and designers. Their creative process pays homage to the ancient art of rug making, which has been passed down from generation to generation. All SAMAD carpets are crafted entirely by hand, using the finest blends of hand-spun wools and silks. As a result, each carpet has it’s own unique personality and charm.

For over 30 years SAMAD have produced decorative carpets defined by their exceptional quality and enduring style. They offer an extensive array of Traditional, Transitional and Modern Collections that have taken the art of weaving to a new level of refinement and sophistication.


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For several decades, Oritop has been among the leading international trendsetters of innovative, hand-made rugs and flatweaves. For example, in the early 80s, Oritop brought purely plant-dyed rugs, such as the legendary “Azeri,” to the European market for the first time in over a century.

Today, Oritop, which relocated from Zurich to Vienna in 2005, continues its great tradition by concentrating on both high-quality, original products produced in Afghanistan and carefully selected samples from all of the traditional rug-producing countries. Oritop works in a networked arrangement. Oritop are in continuous contact with both our customers and producers, which allows us to understand the relevant requirements, incorporate new trends and developments, and bring out new products. With one eye always on the future, Oritop embraces the challenges of a fast-developing market and successfully blends tradition and modernity to provide our customers with the best possible products and service.


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Amadi Carpets Inc. is a well established, family owned business that has been producing hand-knotted rugs for the past three generations. Amadi is committed to offering the highest quality craftsmanship and classic rug designs. The rugs produced are influenced by the rich history and designs of antique Persian Sultanabad, Zieglers, Khotans Savafids, Indian Agras, Moguls and many Ottoman textiles.

The old manufacturing traditions have been perfected to produce unique and exquisite hand woven rugs in colors that are perfect for modern day interiors with a classical edge. For those who respect inherent value our incomparable individuality, aesthetics and quality, mark the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It is this mentality that distinguishes our rugs from all others.

The Ahmadi family owns its own workshops and has the facilities and capabilities of including every aspect of the rug manufacturing process from the initial design to the execution to the final release of the merchandise. Amadi Carpets Inc. can produce any size from 3 x 5 ft. to 26 x 40 ft. and has the experience of producing custom-made rugs according to size, design, and color desired by the client.
Amadi rugs’ beauty and lasting value lend pleasure and permanence to modern living. Unparalleled in their graceful and imaginative designs and meticulously hand crafted using the best materials available.

Amadi Carpets sets the types of standards other rug makers aspire to. Not only do Amadi rugs adapt to the spirit of the time, place and lifestyle, the superlative materials, quality and detailing enhance all interior room settings and periods. Browse our available rugs and see for yourself.

Kundan Pure SilkⓇ Collection by Zollanvari

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‘Kundan’, a Sanskrit word, signifies ‘gold purified to the highest degree’ and evokes an image of an object in its purest form that shimmers like gold. The Zollanvari Kundan Pure Silk® line combines centuries of weaving tradition with a modern interior design sensibility. The use of the most exquisite natural materials such as organic silk, and the over-dyeing of the carpets with layers of translucent colour, creates a unique, multidimensional, shimmering texture. The collection is available in three qualities: ‘Diamond’, our finest weave quality; ‘Ethos’, our standard line, with a coarser weave using two different types of silks and washes; and ‘Vintage’, our ‘antique look’ line made of silk and oxidized wool.


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Zollanvari carpets embody the spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving – an extraordinary art form that has been treasured across the world for more than 2,000 years. This profound understanding of the splendour and profusion of the Persian weaving aesthetic informs our carpet production, making it unique and timeless – qualities that have established the Zollanvari name as a global trail-blazer in creating carpet art.

Pacific Collections

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Pacific Collections, was created in 1997 by Fred Hazin an antique rug dealer and collector. He ahd the vision of producing beautiful high-end rugs by recreating the antique rug designs that he loved. Pacific Collections have been able to create those highly collectible antique rugs, with perfect color combinations using the highest quality materials.


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OBEETEE was established in 1920 and today is India’s leading producer and exporter of exquisite hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flatwoven carpets. They are internationally recognized as the premier source for the finest of handmade carpets in India and have received countless national awards for being the country’s largest and most reputable exporter.

woolMoreover, OBEETEE a pioneer of numerous manufacturing processes, is also the world’s first licensee of the ‘Woolmark’ for hand-knotted rugs since 1969, and the first handmade rug company in the world to become a brand partner with the ‘Wools of New Zealand’ mark in 1997.

Social and environmental responsibilities are also taken seriously at OBEETEE. We were the first in the industry in India to set up water effluent treatment plants and air pollution control systems. Today, because of this, the fields behind our factory are lush with fertile farmland. Social welfare, too, is a top priority. We encourage and support the local school systems within the weaving region. We have approximately 1,100 employees and work with some 16,000 independent artisans engaged in the weaving and processing of our carpets in India. Given these numbers when coupled with current data on family demographics, we estimate that OBEETEE is responsible for the well being of over 100,000 men, women and children throughout an area encompassing some 60,000 square miles.

Not only does OBEETEE provide the highest compensation and most favorable working conditions to our artisans, we also use the safest dyes and chemicals, thereby ensuring the continued good health for these workers – the finest master craftsmen within our industry. We are the first carpet company in the hand made rug industry worldwide to have secured the Social Accountability System certification (SA 8000) in the year 2004. The company has been re-certified in the year 2007.

We are proud of our refined infrastructure and product development expertise – reputably second to none in the world. Progressive, dynamic, and ethical, we are constantly striving to please our customers, which makes our carpets among the most sought after and offer a lifetime of beauty and delight.

Anadol Rugs

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Anadol Rug Co. was established in New York, NY in 1984 and pioneered the use of vegetable dye for its hand-spun wool productions from Turkey and Paskistan.

Owning factories in both Oushak, Turkey and Peshawar, Pakistan has enabled us to constantly update and refine our production to provide only the best designs, color and quality in the market.

Through a joint venture with our siste company, Antique Looms, LLC, we also offer a production in Romania that is held to the same exacting standards as Anadol Rug Co. Our goal is to provide the best quality at the most competitive prices, and we are proud to have always met this goal throughout the years.

Today, Anadol Rug Co. is recognized as a market leader in antique reproductions.