Antique Carpet Arrivals

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We are pleased to post three more antique rugs that arrived recently.

Antique-Kurdish-web Antique-Panderma-web sarouk-web

The Kurdish antique rug comes from Eastern Turkey in a town called Malatya. The size is 3’8 x 7’4 circa 1890’s and it is in excellent condition. It has shiney, high plateau wool which is a trademark for Anatolian high grade wool.

The antique Panderma is from Western Turkey in a town called Panderma. It is a prayer design in size of┬á3’10 x 5’4 circa 1890’s. It is in original condition, perfectly preserved and very well cared for over the years. As a characteristic feature, the main┬áborder is made out of cotton pile.

The antique Sarouk rug comes from central Iran. It is a hunting design prayer rug in excellent condition. It measures 4’1 x 7′ and is circa 1900’s.