In 1989 we established an area rug cleaning service in the Lower Mainland based on traditional methods such as gentle hand cleaning techniques and soft eco-friendly soap solutions.


We also knew it was essential to develop our staff as apprentice trained craftsmen — a qualification that takes years to earn rather than a weekend.


For us, the deep knowledge that comes from hands on experience over time is what defines a professional craftsman; and as a result, our staff knows how a carpet ages and the unique care it requires during cleaning.


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We understand how your rug is composed and constructed. Our deep knowledge of multiple factors help us know how your rug should be cared for or displayed.

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We can restore carpet areas that have been destroyed through fire, animals, insects, wear and tear, cuts, or similar damage. We can restore your carpet and rebuild the missing pieces by hand.

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In addition to our basic carpet cleaning services, we can do very complicated restorations and perfectly match your carpet’s colours, providing you with immaculate results!

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