New Zollanvari Shipment Arrival

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Dear friends and valued customers,

We have recently returned from our winter buying trip, and this trip was by far the most successful one. Along with other brand name carpet purchases, the Zollanvari shipment arrived today, and they have all been unpacked and tagged, ready for your viewing at our Granville location.

Zollanvari produces its carpets in Southern Iran and uses 100% natural dyes, and the best of tribal wool. The result is unbelievable quality and colour combinations, as if the colours are dancing in front of your eyes. We will be posting some pictures in our New Arrivals page in the next few days.

As we receive other shipments from our buying trip, they will be posted upon arrival. Among them will be some silk carpets from Zollanvari which are produced in India.

Furthermore, carpets from Woven Legends, which produces 100% natural dyes and hand spun wool in traditional design, and are produced in South East Turkey.

We also will be introducing carpets from a new company out of India, Nexus Rugs, and this company produces both wool and silk carpets, blending modern design what fantastic colours. You must see the pieces to appreciate them!

Finally, we will also be introducing carpets from Oritop, who are known to produce 100% natural dyed and hand spun wool carpets in Afghanistan, where there currently is what has been called a carpet renaissance. With our introduction of Oritop carpets will be some unique textile designs.

Please come visit us and we will be happy to answer all the questions that you may have about carpets and rugs!